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Session Results & Group Listings

This section displays all the groups created for duplicate records during the match process. You can review the duplicates here and deactivate the duplicates from the CRM. After clicking on the ‘Name’ hyperlink on the 'Session Detail' page or clicking on ‘Review’ link under 'Actions' from the Home/Session Listings page, you will be redirected to the ‘Session Results’ page as shown below:

Group Header: The Header for each Group displays the following information.

  • Group No: Displays the group number.
  • Total Records: Displays the count of duplicate records present in the group.
  • Record Name: Displays the ‘Record Name’ of the Primary Record.
  • Reviewer: Display the reviewer name who is reviewing the group. If the groups is not yet reviewed, display reviewer as ‘Unassigned’.
  • Review: By selecting the review button, the user will be navigated to the ‘Group Review’ page.

By clicking an individual header, you can expand the group and display the following information from individual records.

  • Record Detail: Display the numeric name of the Record in the following format:
  • ‘000001.0-02’: where ‘000001.0’ stands for the ‘Group number’ and ‘02’ stands for ‘Record Number’,
  • Record Name: Display the Record name. Clicking on the ‘Record Name’ hyperlink, the user will be redirected to the MS CRM record page.
  • Master Record: Displays ‘Yes’ for Master record and ‘No’ for duplicate records.
  • Match Score: Match score will be 100 for primary record. For secondary records, match score will be less than or equal to 100.

Status: Display the review status of the group. There are following different review status available:

  • Accepted
  • Auto Accepted
  • Auto Filled
  • Auto Merged
  • Auto Merged Inactive
  • Auto Promoted
  • Auto Promoted Filled
  • Declined
  • Merged
  • Merged Inactive
  • Permanently Suppressed
  • Reviewing
  • Skipped Automatically
  • Skipped Inactive
  • Skipped Suppressed
  • Suppressed
  • Unprocessed

Processed By: Displays the name of the reviewer who is reviewing the group. If the group is not yet reviewed by any user, the display show 'Unassigned.

Bulk Action


Auto Promote All

When selecting this action:

Based upon the 'Master Record Settings' (see our Set Master Record Guide) the program will go through each group and promote one as the master record.

Once this has happened the status of the group will change to 'Auto Promoted', and the button will now be disabled.

Auto Fill All

When selecting this action:

As defined in the global 'Auto Fill Settings' (see our Set Display & Auto Fill Guide) the master record will be automatically filled with data from the duplicates without prompt. After this the group status will be set to 'Auto Filled' and the button will be disabled.

Auto Promote & Fill All

This action merges the functionality of 'Auto Promote' and 'Auto Fill' into one button.

Auto Accept & Merge All

When selecting this action:

This will automatically accept the proposed changes made by the software and then merge them.

Auto Exact & Merge All

When selecting this action, records will merge in parallel (multiple at once) all the records that are a 100% match in accordance with the global settings. The global settings can be tweaked.

Note: If you are unsure of this setting please Auto Exact & Merge Rules.

Note: This will not run if you have already run the sequential version.

Auto Exact and Link All

Will link parent and child records if the records are exact duplicates.

Auto Accept and Link All

Will link parent and child records if they meet the match requirements that have been pre-defined in the settings.

Applying a Filter

When selecting Bulk Action, you are able to select All Groups which will run the Auto-Process on all duplicate groups or Apply Filter which will run the Auto-Process on a smaller subset of selected groups.

Selecting Apply Filter will display a drop down containing filtering options.

Filter by Reviewer

Allows the user to filter groups by specific group reviewers.

Filter by Group Status

Allows the user to filter by group status. For example, being able to filter by all groups that have been Auto Filled, Auto Accepted or Unprocessed.

Filter by Custom Group

This function allows the user to specify a range of groups in which to run a bulk process on. For example, entering '1-10' will return groups 1 through 10.

Run Selected Groups

After applying your filter, you can select the groups you want to include/exclude on the left side of the dialog box under the Select header.

When you have selected your groups, select Run Selected Groups to start the bulk process.

Search Button

You can search for specific duplicates by using:

Once pressed you will be presented with the following box giving you search options:

The allows you to search by:

  • Record Name
  • Group Number
  • Page Number
  • Review Status
  • Reviewer

Manage Groups

When clicking the review button, that group is assigned to your account and no other user can proceed with the review process. In order to pass a group off to another user, select Manage Groups:

At which point you will be presented with:

Reviewer Dropdown: Select a User to assign/release groups.

Group No: Identify the group number of a group in which a user may wish to assign/release.

Reviewer: The user currently reviewing the specified group.

Group Status/Review Start: Will either display the date in which review has been started or 'Unprocessed'.

User Note: This box lets you view a note to the assigned user.

Assign/Release: Check this box in order to either assign or release a group(s) to another user.

Assign/Release To: This dropdown gives you a list of users for you to reassign groups to

User Note: This box lets you type a note to the user, generally to give some information or a question.

Expand All Groups

Select Expand All Groups to expand all groups. Select the button again to collapse all groups.

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