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Home Screen Overview

This is the DQ for Dynamics applications landing page where all the added sessions are listed.

Select Sessions: You can filter the sessions list by selecting one of the following option:

  • All
  • Active
  • Inactive

For a detailed guide on what you can do from the home screen, please visit our Home Screen Guide.

Session Detail Screen

You can navigate to ‘Session Detail’ screen by clicking on the session name link from the Home/Session Listing. This section displays the following information about the session:

The Session detail screen lets you see everything that was set whilst in creation mode.

For a detailed guide on the session detail screen, please visit our Session Detail Guide.

Session Results Screen

This section display all the groups created for duplicate records during the match process. From this screen you can then review the duplicates by selecting 'Review'.

For a Detailed guide on the Results Screen, please visit our Session Results Guide.

Group Review Screen

To access the 'Group Review' Screen click the 'Review' button:

After clicking the 'Review button' you will be presented with a screen that will show you all of the duplicates from this group along side the Master Record, it will look similar to this:

Note: You can manually change any of the data in the master record simply by double clicking the field you wish to change.

Note: The arrow next to each field lets you push that data to the Master Record.

For a Detailed guide on the Group Review Screen, please visit our Group Review.

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