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Data Profiling

This page allows you to initiate a Data Quality Profile of your CRM Data. This will allow you to discover your CRM pitfalls so that you can apply data cleansing rules. Or, understand your data set so that you can optimise your matching rules and transformations.

To access the Data Profiling homepage, navigate to Settings and then select Data Profiling:

This will bring you to the Data Profiling home screen.

From here, select New Profile Report to create a new profile report. This will direct you to the following screen:

This screen will allow you to set the name and the parameters for your profiling session.

  • Profile Session Name - Enter the name you wish to give this report.
  • Select Entity - Select the entity in which you wish to profile (Contact, Account, Lead etc.)
  • View Type - Select whether you wish to profile All Records, a Personal view, a System view or a Shared view.

Data Profiling Report

After the data profile has been completed, you can view your Data Profiling Report by selecting the 3 dots under the actions header and then selecting Review.

This will open your Data Profiling Report in a new window and appear as follows:

The Data Profiling Report will assess every data field that is present in the selected view and provide a range of different insights including Distinct (%), Missing (%), Min/Max length etc.

Below is an example of how fullname is assessed.

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