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CRM Connection

This screen allows you to review your DQ for Dynamics/Workbooks CRM account details. To navigate to this screen please click on ‘CRM Connection’ option under 'Settings':

Following this, you will get taken to a 'CRM Connection Details’ screen as shown below:

Displays following details to the user:

Customer Details: Apart from ‘Customer Name’ you will be able to update the following details;

  • Customer Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Postcode/Zip

Admin Details: You will be able to edit and Update the following information;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email

CRM Details: You will be able to view following CRM details:

  • Instance Name (Read Only)
  • CRM Type (Read Only)
  • Organisation URL (Read Only)
  • User ID (Read and Write)
  • Password (Read and Write)
  • Deployment Type (Read Only)
  • Time Zone (Read Only)

Customer Access: You can only read the following details:

  • Customer Type
  • User Limit
  • Package
  • Package Value
  • Expiry Date

Save: Clicking on the update button, you will able to save the changes made.

Test CRM Connection: Clicking on the “Test CRM Connection”, you able to check the CRM connection status.

If the connection is successful, the following message will be displayed.

If the connection is not successful because of invalid credentials, you will have the following message displayed.

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